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1126 Years (888-2014) Continuous Ecclesiastical Presence and National Offer in Halkidiki and Macedonia.


The Holy Patriarchal and Stavropegian Monastery in Halkidiki of the glorious Holy Great Martyr Anastasia of Farmakolitria built on the southern slope of the "Great Mountain" on the left of the road that leads from Thessaloniki to Polygyros - Arnaia - Agios Mount Athos, century and the era of the Macedonian dynasty.


The Hierodeacon Melchizedek Makris (1909) accepts that the Monastery was founded by Theofano, the first wife of Leo VI the Wise, who endowed it with many donations and estates, and the greater benevolence was the Holy Cross of St. Anastasia and part of the right foot of the Saint as well as the Cross with part of the Holy Wood also the scepter of Emperor Leo VI the Wise which together with gold bullion and other valuables were destroyed during the holocaust of the Holy Monastery in June 1821.


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