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In Nea Flogita, a monumental set of listed buildings houses the new large museum of Byzantine finds in the area. These are valuable works of art that have been found in the excavations of the last 35 years of the 10th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities.

Also, another smaller place to visit is being prepared, dedicated entirely to the monasteries of Mount Athos. There will be a "walk" in the historic monasteries with modern means: a huge model, digital representations and video projections. The third museum will be open-air and will complement the other two.


If we add the Open Laboratory for the Preservation of Images and Manuscripts, which already operates and is visited by the public, one has the full image of a multifunctional cultural center, which will be offered for the whole family and as a walk in an organized garden of 28 acres with a traditional cafe. The Open Center for the Preservation of Antiquities operates in the individual building. Three open maintenance workshops have been set up in the area, covering three main categories of objects: the book (manuscript or printed), the ceramics and the image. Thus, the visitor has the opportunity to watch live the process of preservation of antiquities by Ephorate staff.


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